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Saint Francis, 24 x 36 in. Oil on Canvas (2022).jpg


St. Francis

OIL ON CANVAS, 2' x 3'

This work feature St. Francis with an Assisi landscape behind him. He bears the stigmata, the wounds of Jesus. St. Francis wraps his arms over the crucified Lord in a gesture of humble acceptance, taking on the sufferings of Christ bodily and spiritually. There is a crucifix to represent how Jesus conquered death, the bones, of Adam. In the background, we see a landscape visible from up on the foothills of assisi, one that can be seen while walking up to the Eremo delle Carceri, where St. Francis would retreat to pray. We can see native wildflowers around him and swallows dancing in the sky beyong land of Assisi bears the deep peace of God. This great Saint seems to have sanctified the ground, and when you are there you get a breath of paradise.

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